Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to Keep Your Food Fresh

We’ve all been there. You spend copious time and money selecting delicious produce, only to find them in various states of decay in your fridge. The freshness of certain fruits and vegetables is dependent on how and where you store them. Learn how to keep your favorite foods fresher longer. 

Store apples in a cool zone away from strong-smelling foods, so they won't absorb odors. If the refrigerator is jammed, you can also store apples in a cool, dark place. 

Store beets in the crisper; lop off greens before refrigerating and use them in a salad or cook them as you would spinach and other greens. 

Store broccoli and celery in the crisper.

Store cherries, unwashed, in a plastic bag in a warmer zone of the refrigerator. 

Store corn with the husks on, in a warmer zone of the refrigerator. 

Store grapes in a cool zone, unwashed and in a plastic bag or a plastic clamshell container. Pick out any spoiled grapes; one bad one can spoil the bunch.

Store green beans in an airtight container in a moderate zone. Don't snap off ends until they're ready to be used. 

Store leafy greens in a salad spinner (if you have one and have room in the fridge) after washing, or in the crisper. Otherwise, keep washed greens in a plastic bag lined with a clean cloth or paper towels; loosely tie the top of bag to retain moisture.

Store melons, once they've ripened, in a warmer zone of the refrigerator. Wash the outside of a melon before cutting into it to avoid the spread of bacteria. 

Store mushrooms, unwashed, in a paper bag in a warmer zone of the refrigerator. Never store them in plastic, which traps moisture and leads to slime.

Store peppers in a plastic bag in a warmer zone of the refrigerator. Leave them whole and unwashed

Store yellow squash and zucchini in a plastic bag in a warmer zone of the refrigerator. Leave them unwashed, and use within 2 or 3 days of purchase.


Courtesy of Consumer Reports
 Articles on Mon 01/17/2011 from The Dr.Oz Show


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