Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cleaning the Fish Pond

Recently, the UV light in the `koi pond' went faulty and leaks electricity that every time you touches  the water you'll feel the electrical jolt. My husband took it out and after that the water starts to turn murky and green. This makes him very uneasy. He wants the pond  to be crystal clear and  can't wait for the weekend to clean it, so,  he took the day off and starts his cleaning operation.
Poor fishes had to endure green murky water
Swimming aimlessly
Transportation vehicle
Temporary homes

 husband n son draining 2/3 of the water
My husband drained 2/3 of the water, changed the filters and refill the pond with fresh water. According to the shop owner that we bought `stuffs' for the fishes, whenever we clean the pond we should not drain out all of the water so as not to disturb the ecosystem. We did just that but after a few hours the water was still murky. In the end, we had to call the contractor who constructed the pool and they reinstall the UV light and changed some blown bulb in the courtyard. But still,  it was not satisfactory. He went to the fish shop and seek advice from the the owner, then only we knew the water has turned green due to the algae formation and recommended pond treatments. And it works like magic. Tonight, i know my husband will sleep soundly, his project accomplished!!
wonder if they notice the difference

singing happily

probably chanting `clean water!clean water!'

 trying to enhanced the pond by adding white pebbles

 our open courtyard  during the day

 and at night


Eda said...

wow....bestnye...teringin nak ada kolam ikan kat rumah sendiri nanti..=)

Zuriati Abdullah said...

HI eda, dulu kawasan ni kosong, dah ade duit sikit buat kolam dan tempat santai.Ade sekali tu aunt T buat nasi lemak bentang tikar makan tepi kolam tu konon2 tepi air terjun la!!!Mandi je tak boleh.

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