Friday, December 31, 2010

Pangkor Island Part 2

Where was I? oh yes, evening, we took a stroll on the beach at the end of the road then stopped by near one of the `warung ' just next to the apartment. We ordered asian cuisine (makanan siam) and was waited on by this poor fella, later got a tip  `kepala ikan siakap' courtesy of my husband.
The next morning after breakfast we went for a boat trip round the Pangkor island and snorkeling to the one and only popular spot  i.e Pulau Giam

According to the `tourist guide' the cheapest rate here is RM1200. This place is off limit  unless you are a guest here.

Pulau Pangkor Laut from afar
One of the chalet in Pangkor Laut

Stopped at tortoise bay when my daughter managed to capture this pictures
This rock looks like a turtle head
Tortoise Bay from afar

Heart shaped  rock

 I've forgotten the name of this bay where you can see the rock  that resembled a whale's head.

Whale's head  rock

We also passed by the Monkey Bay, Coral Beach Bay and Telok Nipah which we just saw from far distant . No photos captured since the boat was on the move and everybody was clinging on to something so as not to be overthrown from the boat!!

Then, we were dropped onto the Giam Island where everybody snorkeled. I did too since the water was just neck deep. Of course  with much difficulty but I have my knight in shining armour by my side .  20 minutes before heading home we were taken to another spot nearby where this time the water was about 12 metres in depth and there you are able to see all the beautiful  colourful fishes. This time I stayed on the boat, even with the life jacket I don't think I have the confidence to be in such deep water.
The water here is not deep and no colourful fishes

This is where all the colourful fishes are
Admiring the fishes down under
Don't they looked happy!!

 enough for now, tomorrow i'll share the trip around the island via land. bye!bye!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pangkor Island Part 1

Just got back from Pangkor Island. We have never set foot there and on the 27th of December 2010 at 2:45pm were our very first step on the island. We drove to Lumut on PLUS highway and exited via Bidor then through  Teluk Intan and finally to the jetty in Lumut. The journey took almost 3 hours. In between  Setiawan to Teluk Intan we passed by  padi fields and coconut trees. It has been quite sometime since we saw such sceneries.

Kg Batu 14, Lekir

Kg. Batu 14, lekir
Reaching the jetty we boarded the boat which looks like the Columbia space shuttle. Its free sitting and some have to stand since some seats were occupied by bagages. But luckily it is just a 15 minutes cruise to the island.

Reaching the island we were greeted by pink taxis which are the main public transport that whisked us off to our temporary lodging,  a service apartment . We gave it  a 2 out of five stars
Coral Bay Beach Resort

In the evening we went to checkout the beach which was just a 5 minutes walk from where we were staying. The water was murky but still a ok to swim. Along the roadside there are convenience store, burger stall, `goreng pisang' stall and a few food stalls. In other word,you won't starve to death if you are castaway here.

Got to pen off for now but in the next entry are photos of our boat trip and island trip around the island.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Bath Time

Photos of cats given a bath, don't you feel pity looking at their big round eyes. They look cute too..
Come On Baby, Its Bath Time

I thought you loved me?

You just wait . I'll get even with you for this....

You said the water was warm!!!!

I don't like you anymore.....

 I'm gonna sit here until you get the towel ... Now go!

You're squeezing too tight ... look at my eyes ... Say "tilt"!

No, I am NOT your good kitty, ok!

What's wrong with you people? This is cruel....and....WET!

Why can't I get any traction?

No, no, no, no! ... I said "NO!" 

note: photos received from forwarded email. source unknown

Saturday, December 25, 2010

All-Day Stress Soothers

 Let's checkout  Dr. Oz's tips to ease stress and safe us from having migraine or headache which spoil our day.

Stress is a part of life, but there are ways to minimize it. These 5 de-stressors will help relax you all day long. Learn the best soothing solutions for morning, noon and night. 

Early Morning

Whole Grain Cereal
Whole grains are complex carbohydrates that help increase serotonin levels, the chemical that makes you happy. Exercising will also help your body produce more serotonin.

Orange Juice
The vitamin C in orange juice will boost your immune system when you’re exposed to stress. It also strengthens your blood vessels, promoting overall health.

Black Tea
Independent studies show that black tea can actually reduce the effects of stressful events, but it takes about 4 cups a day.


Snack on Walnuts
Walnuts are the best source of the amino acid arginine. Recent studies have uncovered a link between arginine and nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a compound that has a relaxing effect on blood vessels, therefore improving blood flow. Walnuts are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower your blood pressure.

Early Evening

Listen to Classical Music
Research shows that listening to 30 minutes of music, especially classical musical produces the equivalent of taking 10 milligrams of Valium, a powerful medication with a calming effect. The average dose of Valium is 2 – 10mg multiple times a day, depending on the reason for treatment.

 or perhaps for us muslim we can listen to the recital of Al-Quran or read Al-Quran

After Dinner

Wash the Dishes
Doing a repetitive task will help you relax. Getting into a routine will help lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and slow your breathing.

Right Before Bed

Read a Book
Reading for 6 minutes slows your heart rate and releases tension in your muscles.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Silly Awkward Situation

Have you been in a silly or awkward situation? I have, a few occasions. One time was going into a basement, where, it was my first time parking in that building. I seldom drove to a meeting place if i am not familiar with the direction but that day i felt like driving.  I went in and saw the signage `Touch' at the barrier gate system. What did i do? i kept touching the panel with my hand but the fence arm did not lift up. It took me a while to realize that if you have a season pass you  touch the panel but if you don't all you have to do is push the  `green round button' and retrieve the ticket. Silly me!! I was safe from the embarrassment  and humiliation since no other vehicle was behind me. 

Another time was when i fueled up my car at a petrol station. I heard a voice calling `hello, hello, hello' a few times and thinking it was the operator in the shop calling  via the intercom i responded timidly `yes anything , hello' at the speaker. I was a little bit too late to realize  it was actually a guy talking on his handphone at the back of the petrol pump. I don't know if he heard me but oh my, was  i blushing thinking of my silliness.

Have you been to Subang Parade in Subang Jaya? There are a few eating places on the lower ground situated side by side to each other. It is only divided by a short fence. One time my family  ate at the Nando's restaurant and neigbouring it was `Manhattan Fish Market Restaurant'. My husband got up to pay but what make us giggling was he went to the `Manhattan Fish' counter. Even the cashier was dumbfounded since they were closing up and there was no more customer in their premise. We were waving and pointing to him   the `Nando's cashier' which was at this other side. Unlike me, all  eyes  were on him. We really had a good laugh and till this day every time we passed by Nando's or Manhattan Fish it will never fail to humor us.

Looking back at those silly awkward moment put a smile on my face.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dr. Oz’s Hydration Handbook

Water composes around 60% of your body weight. Nearly every system of your body needs it to function properly, and yet, many of us are not getting enough on a daily basis. Dehydration can easily sneak up on you and trigger serious, even life-threatening medical conditions. Educate yourself on the warning signs and hydration tips to keep dehydration danger at bay.
Can you honestly say that you take the time each day to hydrate properly? So often hectic schedules prevent us from not only making sure we are drinking enough water, but also from noticing the signs of dehydration. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to severe and dangerous scenarios. Read on to learn the tell-tale symptoms of dehydration.

Dehydration Dangers:
  1. Dark Urine Your urine should be clear; if looks like tea when you go to the bathroom, you’re dehydrated. For more on healthy pee see note below
  2. Dry Skin If your body is dehydrated, it will do everything it can to hold onto fluids. Your skin is the first place to be robbed of water. Major indicators of dehydration include skin that is less plump and flexible, sunken eyes, dark circles or dry lips. Assess your skin with a skin turgor test; pinch a fold of skin on top of your forearm. If this pinch and stays up in a tent, there is not enough water volume behind your skin.
  3. Dizziness When your body is dehydrated, it is harder to distribute water. Dizziness can occur when you go from lying down to sitting or standing. The upright movement causes water to rush away from your heart and brain, which makes you dizzy.
  4. Constipation Your body absorbs water from your intestines and draws moisture from your stool. This makes them hard, dry and difficult to pass.
Here are ways that you can make sure you’re getting enough water.

Hydration Helpers:
  1. Know When to Drink More When you do something that raises your heart rate, like exercising, you lose water. Counteract this loss by drinking an 8-oz glass of water per hour of activity.
  2. Drink 1 for 1 Caffeine dehydrates your body. For every cup of coffee or tea you drink, have 1 glass of water too.
  3. Get Your Water From Food Many fruits and vegetables are rich in water – the juicer, the better. Watermelon, papaya, cucumber and celery are great choices because they have water, sodium and potassium, which are all needed to prevent dehydration.

Learning to read your urine can save your life - and Dr. Oz is showing you how. Here's what you need to know about your pee.
  1. Volume - The average person outputs about 1-2 liters of urine a day. If you're urinating more than that, it could be a sign of diabetes. If you're urinating less than a liter, it's indicative of dehydration. 
  2. Color - The dehydration chart is used to determine how hydrated you are. Additionally, abnormal color in your urine can be a sign of a much larger problem. For example, red urine means that you are secreting blood and you should see a doctor immediately.
  3. Cloudiness - This can suggest the presence of proteins in the urine, and this can sometimes suggest a problem in the kidneys.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Supplement Superstars

 Here are some guidelines if you are thinking of getting supplement. The key role of the vitamins and the daily consumption. Let us be a knowledgeable user.

Dr. Oz lists the top 5 supplements everyone should take. See which ones can help you live longer, prevent heart attacks, and fight cancer.

Baby Aspirin
Though not technically a supplement, a new study shows aspirin lowers your risk for almost every type of cancer. Dr. Oz recommends taking 2 baby aspirin a day.

Vitamin D
This vitamin plays a key role in preventing colon cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer and endometrial cancer. To get your daily dose of vitamin D spend 15 minutes in the sun or take 1,000 IUs a day.

These superstars help boost energy and may prevent memory loss. Look for brands that provide 100% of the daily value of essential nutrients; avoid mega-doses.

This supplement can increase bone strength and help prevent osteoporosis. Dr. Oz recommends a calcium cocktail daily: 600mg calcium, 400mg magnesium and 1,000 IUs of vitamin D.

Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Make sure your omega-3 supplement contains 600mg of DHA, and take it daily.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Year Older

Tomorrow, my youngest son will turn 15. He has been pestering me for a bicycle for quite sometime. The old one doesn't suit him anymore coz we bought it when he was in his primary. Then i stopped working and become his chauffeur dropping him off to school, co-curriculum and his extra extra activities. After discussing with my husband we decided to get him a bicycle and surprise him with an early birthday since he'll be getting his PMR result the next day. Let him enjoy the moment a little bit longer no matter what is the outcome of the result.

We put the bicycle right in front of the main  door and closed it behind us and make ourselves busy. Then my husband call out to my youngest son and told him to bring in some stuffs from the car. We gather ourselves behind him just to see his reaction. It was a pleasant surprise. Mission accomplished!!

This is the bicycle we bought for him and a helmet he has to wear whenever he cycle on the main road.

and this is how much he has grown

on the left is his footprint when he is a day old and on the right almost a day to his 15th birthday.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Anti Cancer Foods

This article is extracted from The Dr. Oz Show while i was browsing his site. Nowadays, cancer seems like a  common disease just like having cold or flu. Since there are such anti-cancer food lets try it, for prevention is better than cure.

The Top 4 Anti-Cancer Superfoods

Papayas contain the phytochemical lycopene, the same cancer fighter found in tomatoes. But papaya has another cancer fighter, the cartenoid beta-cyrptoxanthin. Carotenoids fight free radicals, helping protect cells and membranes against damage and disease. Studies have shown that eating 1 or more papayas a week can lower your cervical cancer risk.

Shrimp are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which starve tumor cells and help fight cancer. Studies show that eating 8 or 9 shrimp a day can reduce your breast cancer risk. Instead of shrimp, you can substitute any seafood high in omega-3 fatty acids; options include salmon, haddock, flounder and sardines.

These nuts contain proanthocyanidins, a class of flavanols that actually starve tumors and prevent cancer cells from dividing. In some studies, it’s been shown that eating 12 cashews a day can reduce your colon cancer risk.


The rich red color of beets actually comes from the cancer-fighting antioxidant betalains. Betalains starve tumors and hinder cell division. Researchers have shown that adding a quarter cup of beets to your daily diet, about 3 or 4 beet slices, can reduce your kidney cancer risk.

To learn more information about your diet and cancer, visit Eat to Defeat Campaign (  

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ways to Reduce Blood Pressure

Checked your pressure lately? You can easily monitor your blood pressure using automatic equipment bought off the shelf in pharmacy. It's easy, portable and lightweight. So, there's no excuse not to keep track of your own health. Here's another email from a good samaritan to be shared if  the need arises.

Simple ways to reduce blood pressure

We suggest simple steps to keep your blood pressure under control :-

High blood pressure contributes to an alarming number of deaths each year. Although it may not have apparent symptoms, high blood pressure leads to heart attacks and strokes aside from also causing kidney failure. You can reduce your blood pressure by reducing your weight (if you’re obese) and making a few small changes in your life, say doctors.

Walk it out — Walking at a brisk pace can help lower your pressure. A good workout will ensure the heart uses oxygen more efficiently. Getting a rigorous cardio workout 4 to 5 times a week can make a huge difference. Start by incorporating about 15 minutes of exercise in your daily routine and slowly increase the time and difficulty level.

Deep Breathing — Learning some slow breathing and meditation techniques can do you wonders. It will help reduce stress drastically and keep your blood pressure in check. Try taking out 10 minutes every morning and at night. Inhale and exhale deeply. If you can, join a yoga class for some time so that you can learn the proper method.

Go for potassium-rich foods — You have probably heard of the negative effects of sodium on the body and potassium is an essential mineral to counter the effects of sodium on blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium. Try adding sweet potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, bananas, peas, and prunes and raisins to your regular diet.

Go slow on the salt — Whether you have a family history of high blood pressure or not, reducing your intake of salt can make a huge difference to your health. Before adding that extra pinch of salt to your food, think if you really need it. Try substituting salt with lime, garlic, pepper or other herbs and spices. Go slow on processed and packaged foods. Potato chips, frozen chicken nuggets, bacon etc are high in sodium. Try calculating your daily sodium consumption. Keep a food diary and you may be surprised at how much you're taking in.

Dark chocolate benefits — The darker variety of chocolate has flavonols that make blood vessels more elastic. Choose one that has at least 70 per cent cocoa to really reap the benefits.

Alcohol alert — While it does provide some health benefits, alcohol can also be bad for your health. If consumed in small amounts, it can help prevent heart attacks and coronary artery disease. But, more than one or two drinks and the benefits are gone. Keep a check on your drinking patterns and if you're a heavy drinker, start reducing slowly. Never indulge in binge drinking. Consuming four or five drinks in a row can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure.

Tea benefits — Herbal teas are the way to go. In a study conducted, those who sipped on hibiscus tea daily lowered their blood pressure. Many herbal teas contain hibiscus or you can always opt for green tea. The effects of caffeine are still debatable. Drinking caffeinated beverages can temporarily increase pressure. The solution is to check your pressure within 30 minutes of drinking a cup of coffee to determine if it works for your body.

Reduce work and relax — Reducing the number of hours you spend in office can help lower hypertension. Working overtime makes it hard to exercise and eat healthy. Ensure that you get out of office at a decent hour. Learning to relax by listening to soothing music (Classical, Oriental or Indian instrumental ) can help.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Olive Oil

extra virgin

pure olive oil

Olive for cooking has been known as good for health. But be careful! If the bottle is labeled "Extra Virgin", the product is super! 
It was made with the first time oil squeezed out from olives and is good for all ways of cooking and salad mixture.

If it is labeled "pure", that was the 2nd. or 3rd. time squeezed out oil and is good for all cooking but not for mixing salad.

If it is labeled "olive oil' or "macro olive oil", it is the 4th or 5th time using heat to squeeze out oil.
These are cheaper but can cause cancers. They can only be used in industry. Please be careful!

My acknowledgement to the sender of the above email.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fruits and Their Nutrients

This article is from an email signed Bawang Goreng explained in detail of the nutrients found in fruits that can be find in our local supermarket. Hope you find them educational as i did.


Buah-buahan dan khasiatnya

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah dan salam sejahtera,
Dari aspek botani, buah adalah hasil daripada tumbesaran akhiran bunga angiosperma atau jambak bunga. Definisi atau takrifan ahli botani ini merangkumi buah-buahan berisi yang wujud dari bahagian ovari bunga seperti reseptaker atau daripada penyangga (buah epal, strawberi ), brektia atau daun pelindung dan daun pedunkel (nenas). Walaupun begitu majoriti masyarakat dewasa ini mengenali buah hanya sebagai pembasuh mulut selepas menikmati pelbagai jenis hidangan yang enak.
Disebalik rasanya yang enak, buah-buahan sebenarnya mengandungi khasiat yang tinggi untuk kesihatan. Ia diperkaya dengan zat galian yang mempunyai nilai perubatan dan mampu mengubati pelbagai jenis penyakit. Namun tidak ramai yang menyedari hal ini melainkan masyarakat luar bandar terutamanya golangan tua. Ini kerana masyarakat desa kurang terdedah dengan perubatan moden dan masih lagi kuat mempercayai perubatan tradisional yang diamalkan sejak turun temurun.

1. Delima Hilangkan Masalah Cacing

Delima, sejenis buah berasal dari kawasan Mediterranean, banyak digunakan dalam perubatan tradisional untuk mengubati pelbagai jenis penyakit. Kulit buah delima mengandungi asid tannin yang amat berkesan untuk menghapuskan masalah cacing di kalangan kanak-kanak, termasuk cacing gelang, cacing peniti dan cacing kerawit. Selain daripada asid tannin, delima yang dikenali sebagai Punica granatum dari segi saintifik, juga mengandungi zat besi, kalsium, fosforus, sodium, potasium, magnesium, vitamin A dan vitamin C. Zat besi yang terdapat dalam buah delima dianggap sebagai unsur pentingdalam pembentukan darah merah. Seseorang yang kekurangan zat besi akan mengalami penyakit anemia.
Buah delima juga boleh memperbaiki usus-usus dan menguatkannya, membersihkan bahagian dalam tekak serta sesuai untuk mereka yang mengalami masalah batuk. Ia berkesan untuk meredakan cirit-birit yang kronik, termasuk cirit-birit berdarah dan enteritis atau bengkak usus. Walaupun begitu buah delima masam juga boleh mencegah dari muntah, menghentikan cirit-birit dan melawaskan air kencing.Ini kerana buah delima mengandungi bahan pengcengkam yang mampu memegang dinding saluran perut.
Di beberapa kawasan di Iran dan di Iraq, air buah delima digunakan sebagai ubat kumur untuk mengatasi masalah penafasan berbau. Buasir merupakan satu lagi penyakit yang boleh dirawati menggunakan buah delima kerana airnya dapat bertindak sebagai astringen. Ia juga dipercayai berkesan untuk mengatasi kemandulan.
Terdapat kajian yang menyatakan bahawa biji delima dapat dijadikan ubat luka-luka yang teruk dan kebenjolan, caranya dengan mengambil biji-biji delima di tumbuk dan dicampurkan dengan sedikit madu dan disapukan pada bahagian luka.

2. Kurma Hindar Gangguan Usus
Kurma adalah sejenis buah yang kaya dengan zat besi, kalsium, fosforus, sodium, potasium, vitamin A dan C dan juga niasin. Kurma yang dikenali sebagai Phoenix dactylifera L. dari segi saintifik amat berkesan bagi mengubati gangguan usus yang kronik, di mana ketidakserasian dengan gluten, sejenis protein yang terkandung di dalam bijirin menghalang penyerapan zat-zat makanan secara sempurna. Ia mengandungi sejenis bahan protein serta garam galian yang menghentikan tindak balas luar biasa yang dihasilkan oleh gluten dalam usus kecil. Tindak balas itu jika dibiarkan boleh membawa kepada pengeluaran sel darah putih secara berlebihan. Bagi mengubati penyakit ini bijinya dibuang kemudian dibersihkan sebelum diadun halus dengan setengah gelas air dan lebih mujarab jika dicampur dengan jus lobak merah.
Selain daripada gangguan usus, jus kurma berkesan untuk mengatasi masalah sembelit. Bagaimanapun minuman ini tidak sesuai di amalkan oleh mereka yang mengidap penyakit diabetis, kerana ia boleh mendatangkan kesan yang lebih serius.
Jus kurma juga berkesan untuk mengatasi masalah batuk. Kandungan gula dalam buah kurma bertindak menghilangkan gatal-gatal dalam kerongkong dan sekali gus menghilangkan batuk. Kurma juga boleh digunakan bagi menggantikan gula atau madu untuk tujuan menghilangkan kesan mabuk dan bertindak sebagai penawar racun.
Jus kurma juga merupakan penawar mujarab dalam perubatan tradisional untuk mengatasi masalah insomnia. Bagi mereka yang mengalami masalah batuk jus kurma sesuai untuk diamalkan kerana kandungan gula dalam buah kurma bertindak menghilangkan gatal-gatal dalam kerongkong sekaligus menghentikan batuk.
Kurma dikatakan tumbuhan yang mempunyai pelbagai khasiat dan kegunaan yang banyak kerana telah terbukti, di dalam Al-Quran terdapat 21 ayat yang menyebut tentang kurma.
Mengikut pendapat pakar perubatan, buah kurma kaya dengan unsur zat besi dan kalsium sesuai untuk wanita sama ada semasa hamil dan selepas bersalin. Hal ini berasaskan kepada wahyu yang diturunkan oleh Allah kepada ibu Isa iaitu Maryam binti Imran supaya memakan buah kurma ketika beliau dalam keadaan lemah selepas bersalin.
Firman Allah:
Maksud: "Dan gegarlah kearahmu batang pohon tamar itu, supaya gugur kepadamu buah tamar yang masak. "Maka makanlah dan minumlah serta bertenanglah hati dari segala yang merungsingkan."
Rasulullah juga pernah bersabda mengenai hal ini ,sabdanya: "Beri makan buah tamar kepada isteri-isteri kamu yang hamil dan barang siapa yang memakan buah tamar tersebut semasa hamilnya, maka anak yang akan lahir itu akan menjadi seorang anak yang penyabar dan bersopan-santun, kerana makanan Siti Maryam ketika melahirkan Nabi Isa AS adalah buah tamar.”
Sekiranya Allah ada menjadikan sesuatu buah yang lebih baik daripada tamar sudah tentu Allah telah memberikan (kepada Siti Maryam)
Berdasarkan pada ayat-ayat Al-Quran dan hadith Rasul, para saintis giat mengkaji mengenai khasiat kurma. Mengikut kajian dari segi perubatan, fiqhiyah dan perundangan, hasil kajian menunjukkan jus kurma dapat menolong mencengkam rahim sewaktu proses kelahiran, memperkukuhkan lagi urat-urat rahim pada bulan-bulan terakhir kehamilan dan membantu memudahkan proses kelahiran bayi. Jus kurma juga dapat mengurangkan tumpah darah, menguatkan organ rahim serta berkesan meredakan tekanan darah tinggi.
Kajian menunjukkan bahawa jus kurma membantu mencegah daripada sembelit, lemah otot, sengal-sengal badan, lesu dan barah usus besar, merangsangkan selera makan, menguatkan ingatan dan melawaskan. Disamping menambahkan tenaga seksual, kurma juga boleh digunakan sebagai pencuci mulut.
Mengikut hasil kajian Ahli Sains Mesir telah terbukti khasiat kurma dalam membantu memanaskan badan, mencergaskan otak dan tubuh badan serta mencergaskan minda dan membantu tumbesaran kanak-kanak. Ia juga membantu melicinkan perjalanan darah dan menghindari dari penyakit barah, merawat buah pinggang dan mencuci hati, dan membantu mengurangkan pengaliran darah semasa kelahiran.

3. Pisang Merawat Kudis dan Luka
Pisang atau nama saintifiknya Musa sapientum adalah antara buah-buahan tempatan yang digemari ramai. Ia kaya dengan vitamin A dan C, niasin dan juga zat galian seperti kalsium fosforus dan besi. Pisang juga mengandungi kromium, sejenis bahan yang merangsangkan aktiviti enzim dalam metabolisme glukos yang penting untuk membekalkan tenaga. Dalam perubatan tradisional, getah pisang merupakan ubat yang mujarab untuk menyembuhkan luka. Dengan menyapukan getah pisang pada luka, darah akan berhenti mengalir dan lukanya akan cepat kering. Kudis pula boleh dirawat dengan mudah menggunakan kulit pisang. Selain itu pisang juga digunakan untuk mengatasi masalah sembelit, ulser dan penyakit gastritis atau radang perut. 

4. Mangga Penawar Penyakit Hernia
Mangga yang dikenali sebagai Mangifera indica yang berasal dari keluarga Anacardiaceae, digunakan sebagai agen penghilang dahaga untuk mengatasi masalah penyahidratan dalam tubuh serta berkesan untuk menyembuhkan penyakit hernia. Hernia atau burut iaitu sejenis penyakit yang menyebabkan isi perut turun ke bawah dan kantung kemaluan menjadi bengkak, ulu hati terasa pedih dan sakit setiap kali selepas makan, boleh dirawat dengan mengamalkan pengambilan jus mangga. Minuman itu, yang kaya dengan pelbagai zat galian termasuk vitamin A dan C akan bertindak melancarkan peredaran darah. Memandangkan jus mangga mempunyai kandungan gula yang tinggi, ia kurang sesuai untuk mereka yang mengalami penyakit diabetis, hipoglisemia dan kandidiasis atau jangkitan kulat.
5. Nanas Penawar Penyakit Batu Karang
Nanas sejenis buah tropika yang dikenali dengan nama saintifiknya Ananas cosomos berasal dari keluarga Bromeliaceae dan mengandungi kandungam gula yang tinggi serta kaya dengan vitamin A, B dan C. Jus nanas merupakan sejenis minuman yang lazat dan baik untuk kesihatan, terutamanya bagi mengatasi kekeringan dibahagian bibir dan kulit muka. Nanas merupakan ramuan penting dalam rawatan tradisional. Ia melancarkan perjalanan haid serta berkesan mengatasi masalah-masalah pencernaan, pundi kencing, cacing dan kelesuan badan. Ia juga merupakan penawar yang penting bagi mengatasi penyakit batu karang. Amalan meminum jus nanas terbukti berkesan untuk mengatasi masalah kencing tidak lawas kerana kandungan enzimnya yang tinggi.

6. Belimbing Merawat Kencing Manis / Darah Tinggi
Belimbing salah satu jenis buahan tropika popular yang enak. Ia boleh dimakan segar ataupun dijadikan jeruk dan dibuat jus. Belimbing ini bagaimanapun ada yang masam, tetapi kedua-duanya dipanggil belimbing besi. Nama sainsnya ialah Averhoa crambola dan sekeluarga dengan oxalidaceae. Belimbing juga mempunyai khasiat perubatan. Pengidap kencing manis dapat menurunkan paras gula dalam darah dan sesuai juga dimakan oleh mereka yang mengidap penyakit tekanan darah tinggi, gingivitis atau radang gusi.

7. Lemon Berkesan Merawat Tonsilitis

Tonsilitis atau penyakit radang tonsil dibahagian kerongkong berpunca daripada serangan kuman bakteria streptokokus. Ia dapat di rawat dengan berkumur menggunakan jus lemon sebelum diminum atau nama saintifiknya Citrus limon. Lemon yang kaya dengan vitamin C serta zat besi, patasium, kalsium dan fosforus berkesan merangsangkan sistem pelalian untuk membunuh kuman streptokokus. Serabut atau bulu-bulu putih yang terdapat di sebelah dalam kulit lemon dan limau-limau sitrus yang lain mengandungi bioflavonoids yang berkhasiat untuk kesihatan. Oleh itu serabut itu perlu dikikis daripada kulit kemudian dicampur dengan isi lemon sebelum dikisar halus. Lemon juga dengan vitamin B kompleksnya juga bertindak membunuh sejenis kuman bakteria dikenali sebagai stafilokokus. Ia turut berkesan untuk menghindarkan penyakit-penyakit kelamin seperti gonorea, sifilis dan klamidia.

8. Pala Melegakan Kembung Perut

Pala sejenis buah tempatan yang bernilai tinggi dalam nilai perubatan. Kulit arinya merupakan bahan utama untuk membuat minyak sapu atau apa yang disebut salap bagi melegakan masalah kembung dan senak perut, sakit kepala, selsema, disengat serangga dan lenguh-lenguh sendi. Ia berasal dari keluarga myristicaceae, yang dikenali dengan nama saintifiknya Myristica fragrans juga merupakan penawar untuk menghilangkan rasa loya, pening-pening atau tanda-tanda lain yang berkaitan dengan pitam. Ia juga dikatakan boleh merangsangkan nafsu syahwat. Bijinya pula mengandungi sejenis minyak yang berkhasiat yang boleh digunakan sebagai salah satu ramuan untuk membuat minyak panas bagi mengubati pelbagai jenis penyakit.

9. Pinang dengan Pelbagai khasiat
Tumbuhan ini juga dikenali dengan nama saintifiknya Areca catecu Linn dan berasal dari keluarga Arecaceae. Buah dan biji pinang bernilai tinggi dari segi perubatan. Biji pinang dikunyah bersama-sama daun sirih seperti yang lazimnya diamalkan oleh orang-orang tua sebagai salah satu petua untuk menguatkan gusi serta menghapuskan masalah mulut berbau busuk. Bagaimanapun, amalan memakan terlalu banyak pinang boleh memudaratkan kesihatan. Biji pinang juga mengandungi sejenis bahan yang boleh mencegah barah. Sabutnya pula digunakan oleh masyarakat zaman dulu untuk merawat cirit-birit. Ia juga berkesan untuk mengubati penyakit kulit seperti panau.

10. Pisang Kaki Turunkan Tekanan Darah Tinggi
Pisang kaki sejenis buah yang berkhasiat yang mengandungi vitamin C, glukos, sukros, fruktos dan iodin, bernilai tinggi dari segi perubatan. Ia amat berkhasiat dalam menurunkan tekanan darah tinggi, meningkat pengaliran darah dalam pembuluh darah koronori, mengatasi masalah sembelit dan meredakan sedu. Sungguhpun buah ini disebut pisang dan berwarna kuning tetapi bentuk serta isinya tidak menyerupai pisang-pisang biasa yang lain. Buah yang berbentuk bulat, berisi ranggup dan berbiji ini berasal dari keluarga Ebenacea. . Serbuk putih yang terdapat pada permukaan buah pisang kaki yang kering juga manis rasanya dan mengandungi manitol, glukos dan vitamin C amat baik untuk paru-paru dan jantung.

11. Sengkuang Cina Penawar Bronkitis
Bronkitis ialah sejenis penyakit radang tenggorok, iaitu saluran udara di bahagian kerongkong. Penyakit ini menyebabkan selaput pada cabang tenggorok menjadi merah dan bengkak. Dalam dunia perubatan tradisional, sengkuang cina merupakan penawar bagi melegakan penyakit bronkitis yang kronik. Rasanya manis dan menyejukkan serta elok dimakan bagi meredakan demam, selsema dan batuk. Sengkuang cina berasal dari keluarga Cyperacea dan kaya dengan karbohidrat, lemak, protein, vitamin C, kalsium, fosforus dan zat besi. Ia digunakan dalam perubatan tradisional cina untuk menurunkan tekanan darah tinggi. Caranya dengan menggunakan tiga biji sengkuang cina dicampur dengan lobak putih yang dimesin halus dengan sedikit air dan madu.

12. Ciku Penawar Buang Air Berdarah
Tabiat mengabaikan pemakanan boleh menimbulkan keadaan-keadaan yang tidak menyenangkan. Masalah sembelit boleh terjadi jika makanan yang dimakan tidak dihadam dengan baik, kurang memakan buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran serta kurang meminum air. Keadaan ini jika dibiarkan boleh membawa kesan-kesan yang lebih buruk, antaranya buang air berdarah atau buasir. Satu cara dalam kaedah pengubatan tradisional ialah dengan menggunakan buah ciku. Cara yang lebih berkesan untuk merawat buang air berdarah ialah dengan memakan buah ciku yang belum cukup tua, iaitu dengan menumbuk hingga lumat dan dicampur dengan sedikit air panas dan garam. Seelok-eloknya diamalkan sebelum sarapan pagi.

13. Pelbagai Khasiat Tembikai
Tembikai yang kaya dengan vitamin A dan C, asid folik, magnesium, zink dan pelbagai jenis galian yang lain adalah bermutu tinggi dalam perubatan. Tembikai dikenali sebagai Citrullus vulgaris amat mujarab untuk menyembuhkan pelbagai jenis penyakit antaranya sakit kepala, penyakit paru-paru dan masalah kulit. Jus tembikai juga memberi tenaga dan kekuatan dikalangan orang-orang tua serta memulihkan sistem tubuh yang lemah bagi mereka yang baru sahaja sembuh daripada penyakit atau menjalani pembedahan. Penyakit artritis, gout serta keracunan uremik berlaku akibat kehadiran asid urik yang berlebihan. Jus tembikai boleh membantu menyembuhkan penyakit-penyakit ini dengan menghapuskan kesan-kesan toksik dalam tubuh. Kehadiran asid yang berlebihan dalam darah dapat diatasi dengan mengamalkan pengambilan jus tembikai kerana ia dapat bertindak membantu melancarkan pengaliran darah.

14. Avokado Hindar Sengal-sengal Tulang dan Sakit Jantung
Avokado dikenali sebagai Persea americana yang berasal dari keluarga Lauraceae merupakan makanan berzat dan amat berkesan bagi mengatasi masalah kekurangan zat makanan dan menambah berat badan khususnya dikalangan kanak-kanak. Ia mengadungi protein, zat besi kalsium, vitamin A, vitamin C, niasin, soldium dan potasium. Berasal dari negara beriklim separuh tropika. Sebiji avokado mengandungi kira-kira 300 kalori dengan 88 peratus daripadanya adalah lemak.
Ia berkesan sebagai pelincir semulajadi bagi membolehkan sendi-sendi tulang bergerak bebas terutamanya di bahagian leher, siku, pergelangan tangan, pinggul, lutut dan pergelangan kaki seterusnya menghindarkan penyaki lenguh-lenguh tulang. Amalan memakan buah avokado pada setiap hari boleh menurunkan paras kolesterol disamping mengekalkan paras lipoprotein, sejenis kolesterol yang baik untuk mnghindarkan seseorang itu daripada diserang sakit jantung. Ia diamalkan di Brazil, Colombia, Equador dan Peru di Amerika Selatan.

15. Betik Selesaikan Sembelit
Betik adalah daripada spesies Carica papaya dan berasal dari keluarga caricaceae. Buah betik yang masak selain kaya dengan vitamin C, ia berkesan merawat hemoroid atau buasir dan sembelit. Di Ghana ia juga digunakan untuk mengubati ketumbuhan manakala pucuknya boleh mengubati penyakit tekanan darah tinggi. Betik juga boleh digunakan untuk mengubati tumit pecah-pecah yang boleh menyebabkan kaki terasa sakit. Salah satu daripada rawatan tradisional bagi mengubati masalah ini ialah dengan menggunakan buah betik muda yang dibelah dua kemudian diambil getahnya dan sapu dibahagian tumit yang pecah.

Dengan melihat kepada apa yang telah diperbincangkan, jelas membuktikan kepada kita bahawa, buah-buahan sememangnya mempunyai nilai yang tinggi dalam perubatan. Jadi penyelidikan yang terperinci berkaitan khasiat yang terkandung dalam buah-buahan perlu dipertingkatkan. Ini bukan sahaja penting untuk menyakinkan masyarakat, tetapi juga memandangkan rawatan dengan menggunakan tumbuhan semulajadi termasuk buah-buahan tidak mendatangkan kesan sampingan berbanding rawatan moden yang menggunakan ubatan sintetik yang dihasilkan di dalam makmal.

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