Monday, January 17, 2011

3 Foods for a Healthy, Happy Stomach

Dr. Oz reveals the 3 essential foods we all need to keep our gut in check. Find out what they are and how they help keep us full, pain-free and regular. 

It’s obvious that the foods we eat have a direct impact on our stomachs and other digestive organs. It’s easy to identify when we’ve eaten too much, dined on something that disagrees with us or have gone too long without eating. It’s more difficult to note and easier to overlook, those foods that leave us feeling light and help our digestive system run smoothly. Dr. Oz identifies 3 foods guaranteed to keep your stomach healthy and your appetite satisfied.
  1. Pears are a great source of fiber, which helps soften and add weight to stool, moving it through the digestive tract. Pears also contain sorbitol, a sugar that attracts water into the intestines, further softening your stool.
  2. Yogurt helps digestion, improves the immune system and fights off bacterial infections. Within our stomach lining is a healthy bacteria known as probiotics. Yogurt is an excellent and delicious external probiotics source that aid in digestion and help keeps you regular.
  3. Ginger is part of the carminatives family; a group of herbs that help soothe the digestive track. It can aid digestion as well as relieve upset stomach, nausea and vomiting. Other herbs in the carminative family include cinnamon, sage and thyme.


    Just said...

    ginger utk buang angin.. :D

    Zuriati Abdullah said...

    Just,sekarang dah ada serbuk halia campur madu. Aunt T buat air campur kopi aunt T campur serbuk ni.

    KinosKoko said...

    uish..benda2 best yg berkhasiat tu kan kdg2 x sedap r..yang x berkhasiat tu jugak yg sedap..heee

    aunt T said...

    nana,betul kate nana, kalau tak sedap berkhasiat, kalau manis sedap tu terlebih makan kena kencing manis pulak!!

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