Thursday, December 9, 2010

Down, down, down, down,down

Yesterday till now the network in our area came tumbling down, big time.  So sweet of my husband to lend me his broadband modem so that i can go blogging. Do you know to  report of a problem you need to be  technically smart. Why? The customer service  will ask 101 question including the brand of your router. But,before you can interact with this officer you need to dial the 1300-customer service. You'll hear a nice lady greeting and guiding you to enter your preference language and the purpose of your call keying the number accordingly. Later on she would apologize stating  all the officers are busy and still busy and the call we made is very important over and over again, poor thing! lucky it was pre recorded or she would have suffered from sore throat. I listened to her  patiently till she went quiet!  ouch..

Then you tried dialing for a  number of times, patiently, until ....Alas, the nice lady  managed to get a human on the other line . Here  starts the exhaustion when you need to give  Your name, your telephone number, your ic no, what light in your d-link blinking, what light is blinking on your router, what colour is it, what package are u having, have u reset that item, this item and so on and so forth. All for the record. As an abiding customer you abide then only you are given the golden ticket the report no. and it doesn't stop there this matter will then be extended to the technical division and a  24 hours window for the problem to be rectified. At least 1 hour is tolerable but given 24 hours is just unbelievable. I've been calling every now and then for an update  but till this entry could not get thru to the customer service and its already passed the 24 hours window!!

We've subscribed to this product to be at par with the technology after it was launched just a few weeks. Like the writing on the billboard " Living the lifestyle of high speed broadband" . To date we have twice changed the router and since then been complaining of the dropped network which occurred every now and then. Every time this big telecommunication company launched a new technology it would never be a perfection let alone near perfect. ALL BARK and NO BITE

Hey, you the provider!! do give us customer satisfaction and please update of the problem! We are eager to know. Load off my chest....ciao..


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