Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Parenting tips!

I remembered in one of Oprah's show she invited a lady who expertly  discipline uncontrollable children. I love  the way she handled these  kids and the tips that she gave to this poor mother who was so overwhelming tired with exhaustion. So, i surf oprah's website for quite sometime since i have forgotten her name and don't know what  key word to search for. Fortunately, i found em. I hope this article would be useful to my children when they have their own and would like to share with others who drop by to this blog.

The Naughty Stool 

Jo Frost, ABC's Supernanny and author of Supernanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children, says children need to learn there are consequences for their bad behavior. And parents need to remain calm, take control and be firm when they discipline their children.

Instead of sending children to an area filled with toys for their "time outs," Jo says introduce your children to the "naughty stool"—a mat, chair or rug will do, too!

Step One: Give a Warning
When you see inappropriate behavior, give your children a warning in a low, authoritative voice. Tell them to stop the behavior that's not acceptable or else they will have to go to their "naughty stools."

Step Two: Send Them to Their "Naughty Stools"
If they don't listen to your warning, place them on their "naughty stools."

Step Three: Explain Why
Once they are on their "naughty stools," come down to their level, establish eye contact and say to them in an authoritative tone, "I asked you to do something and you didn't listen to me. I want you to stay here until I come and get you."

Step Four: Start the Clock
Leave your children on their "naughty stools" for one minute for every year they are old. (A three-year old would stay on her "naughty stool" for three minutes.)

Step Five: Ignore Attempts for Attention
If your child screams or cries, don't give in! Don't look at your child—that only rewards their negative behavior. If your child comes off his "naughty stool," calmly, and firmly, put him back on it.

Final Step: Your Child Apologizes
When your child's time is up, explain again why he had to stay on his "naughty stool" and ask for an apology. Only when you get the apology may he leave the "naughty stool."
Playtime Sharing

Mine! Mine! Me first! What's a parent to do when a child just won't play fair? Jo Frost, author of Supernanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children, says that all children are capable of playtime sharing—mom and dad just have to lay down the law.

Step One: Let's Play the Sharing Game!
Introduce an activity that requires taking turns. For example, if playing "store," explain that everyone will get a chance to be the cashier, shopper, bagger, etc.

Step Two: Teach Your Child to Play Nicely.
Don't allow an aggressive child to control who gets what toy, or bully her way into playing whatever role she wants. Giving in to a child's demands in order to preserve the peace will only teach that bad behavior is tolerable. No matter how difficult, Jo says, consistency is absolutely necessary. "Be decisive and follow through."

Step Three: Stay Calm
If this is the first time you've tried this technique with an aggressive child, a tantrum is probably fast approaching. Stay calm and remember that you are in control—not the child. Deal immediately with unacceptable behavior such as kicking and shouting with a firm warning: "This behavior is no good." If the tantrum continues, it's time to discipline Supernanny-style

Rules for Bedtime

"Sleeping with your children or sitting with them 'til they fall asleep is a big no-no," says Jo Frost, ABC's Supernanny and author of Supernanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children.

"Children need to learn to fall asleep by themselves," she continues. "What starts out as a little bit of extra comfort soon turns into a big issue about control. And trust me, your children will put off going to bed just to have you by their side." Try her sleep separation technique so everyone can get a good night's sleep.

Step One: Time for Bed
Take your child to their bedroom. Read a bedtime story, give them "kisses and cuddles" and tuck them in.

Step Two: Tough Love
Sit down on the floor or in a chair parallel to your child's bed so he or she can see the side of your face. As hard as it may be, bow your head and ignore their efforts to talk to you. It is important not to engage your child with eye contact.

Step Three: Stay In Bed
If your child climbs out of bed, return them to bed with no eye contact.

Step Four: Distance Yourself
Each night, move further and further away from the crib or bed. This pattern gives your child a sense of security in their bedroom. Supernanny Jo Frost says children stay up at night to get the attention from their parents that they missed out on during the day. "The key message here is," says Jo, "if you spend time with your child during the day you're not neglecting him by putting this routine in place during the night."

I hope this article gives u some ideas on how to handle your children. Being a mother is not easy - been there, done that and still doing. Signing off now!!


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